The new wave of socialists that have infested the schools,  universities, and political institutions of America are literal parasites. They have inspired hordes of young, deluded men and women to identify with the ways of buffoons and lunatics such as Marx and Lenin. These people are now gathering significant voting power, and politicians are now forced to pander to them.

These socialist ringleaders have raised an army of people who want free shit handed to them without having to work for it. To those leeches who have corrupted the minds of impressionable young men and women: take a look at the mirror, so you can recognize how much of a piece of shit you are. You are literally destroying society by telling people to turn to parasitism instead of hard work to fulfill their desires.

To the deluded foot soldiers in the army of free shit: it’s not too late to wake up. You have been misled, you have been lied to. It is not your fault that you have not been given a healthy dose of reason and logic.

I am very adamant about calling socialists and communists parasites because that is the literal essence of Marxist philosophy. According to Marx: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” However, there is a critical problem with this.

There is no incentive for excellence under communism. If you train yourself to achieve a higher ability, the fruits of your labor will be repurposed to support the less able. This is precisely why the far-left wants you to play the oppression Olympics and talk about how triggered and victimized you are. The more needy and inept you are, the more you can demand under communist reasoning.

Those who cannot produce will be indefinitely subsidized by those who can, in theory at least. However, in practice, there is an innate problem with the model of socialism and communism. Socialist ideologies are inherently a pyramid scheme. You need a base of producers and competent workers to generate enough wealth for freeloaders to live off of. Without a critical mass of productive people, the structure collapses. The biggest problem with socialism is that competent people will eventually flee. There will be a mass exodus of people supporting lazy freeloaders. In the end, the gravy train will end and there will be nobody to bail your incompetent ass out.

Instead of embracing the falsehoods of Marxism, I urge you to reject the teachings of your inept gender studies professors, and strive to be better. Instead of talking about oppression and privilege, learn to enhance your skill set so you can be a producer instead of a parasite. Take some STEM and accounting/finance courses. You may not be able to get by on buzzwords and regurgitating leftist Kool-aid in these classes, but you will emerge as a more useful human being and become much more employable.

Or, you can follow the religion of freeloading parasitism. You can follow the priesthood of the self-victimization race. You can curse the hard work of hustlers, as you sit on your sorry butt, drinking and watching reality television. You can elect socialist leaders who want to take from the productive, and give to the slothful. However, if you go down this path, there will come a day when the industrious people of the world will flee your dystopia of incompetency. There will be nobody left to bail you out, and your incompetence will be exposed.

You have been warned.

Masculus Libertarius
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