If you think you can go through life without melting down when seeing opposing viewpoints, you are in for a world of hurt once the walls of your hugbox are torn down.

Liberal feminists always love to harp about “male entitlement”. However, it is the blue haired SJW fanatic that is entitled. There is no better example of entitlement than a gender studies professor who demands their students put “trigger warnings” on their essays for any potentially offensive content. It is absolutely pathetic for grown men and women to complain about being triggered.

In a proper society, progress occurs when constructive debate occurs, and healthy discourse can be achieved with people of differing viewpoints. Shutting down an argument or viewpoint due to your dimwitted ass taking offense is how echo chambers are erected. Someone who voted for Donald Trump is not necessarily a “fucking Nazi who is worse than Hitler”. A fiscal libertarian who opposes communism redistribution of wealth is not a heartless bastard, but rather someone who wants to enjoy their hard-earned money. It is ironic how many self-proclaimed “progressives” ascribe to such a regressive school of thought. Indeed, calling for a hugbox where nobody is ever offended is the hallmark of regressive leftism.

There is a phenomenon called “feels before reals” that has grown very popular with the modern regressive left. “Feels before reals” is where the value of political correctness has been placed above the value of correctness. With the world of trigger warnings and safe spaces, feels before reals is put into play.

However, the universe does have a divine sense of justice. The people who whine loudest about injustice tend to have the poorest performance in life. Those who embrace facts before feels will have job titles such as “Engineer”, “Certified Public Accountant”, “Medical Doctor”, “Software Engineer”, and “Enterprise Architect”.However, those who choose the path of feels before reals often go through life without gaining any substantive skills, and may wind up with titles such as “Cashier”, “Barista”, and worst of all, “Welfare Queen”.

If you want to whine about how women make 70 cents for every dollar men make, and cry sexism instead of accounting for how they work less hours and choose less lucrative professions, go ahead. If you want to take stupid courses in Gender Studies instead of accounting, finance, mathematics, science, or engineering, you are free to do as you please. However, when you end up in the welfare line, tough luck princess. That’s the price you pay for making your life revolve around trigger warnings.

Masculus Libertarius
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